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Updates on life, photography, and the importance of being earnest.


There are moments when I think about the answers to these questions: who I am, what I do, and why.  What motivates and inspires me to bring joy to other people?  What drives me to pursue the goals that I do?  Lately, I've thought a lot about a life on the road- what that would look like in the big picture and in the day-to-day.  I've distressed over what I would fill all my free time with, how to combat boredom and routine, the logistics of travel.  I've wondered about the people I would meet along the way, what bonds (transient or everlasting) would form.

Mainly, I've wondered if this path is right.  I'm not a stranger to making impactful decisions.  The moments in which I second guess myself have been overcome either with time or with strength.  I have crossed thresholds in which there is no point of return and what's left is either to move on or to live with regret.  I've learned the importance of being sincere and straightforward with my intentions.

It occurred to me recently how easy it is to make life more complex and intangible, oftentimes superfluously so.  It is more convenient to take complexity and turn it into an excuse, a barrier, a cage.  Living is much harder when you try to simplify it.  I look at my life and think- ultimately, what brings me joy?  The answer- human connection, a sense of agency, the great outdoors, and a belief in endless wonderment and possibilities.  

Point Reyes Seashore

Point Reyes Seashore